HD Retrovision Cables - Component video cables for retro consoles

Getting crisp pictures out of gaming machines on domestic TV's has always been a bit of a panacea for retro-gaming enthusiasts, from the point that you realise that tuning your TV into an RF-Channel actually produces the worst quality, lowest common denominator visuals you could imagine, to the realisation that sanctuary lies in upgraded cables via better transmission mediums. In the case of most 8 and 16-bit consoles, that nirvana was usually in an S-Video output.

Of course the problem now lies in that most modern HDTV's don't cater for this connection anymore, providing only an array of HDMI inputs in a lot of cases. (It should be noted however that in Europe, many TV's still cater for SCART AKA Euro AV which, if fully wired, will support S-Video) but what they usually do have is Component video, which is the highest quality analogue connection available, but the two are not directly compatible, resulting in owners being forced to use composite video as the next best (least bad...) method.

This is where HD Retrovision is stepping in. They have engineered a solution (currently only) for SNES and Genesis/Megadrive to connect these consoles into any TV with component video that also has 240p support giving a pin-sharp picture, even better than you remember your fave games!

This seems like a no-brainer to anyone with a retro hardware collection and a lack of connectivity options, but this project is more than a simple converter cable operation as the cable has to be an active converter rather than a more typical pin re-arranger, so HD Retrovision are looking for crowdfunding to produce the first batch and assess demand (which after only a couple of days is already at around 50% of the goal) and you can secure a cable with a $30 pledge

Back them now at:
Kickstarter Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Component Cables
HD Retrovision website



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