Just Get Through - Tricky platformer gets a Greenlight campaign

I just love simple mechanic platform-esque games and there's a lot to like about Just Get Through that keeps you coming back for more. It's a procedurally generated mash-up of Rick Dangerous, Spelunky, Super Meatboy and Limbo all in one but with it's own quirky charm thrown in. just get to the end of the level, and blow stuff up on the way. Oh and don't get killed by the traps. ;)

The game has you starting through a monochrome cavern that's randomly generated and filled with traps embedded in the walls like buzzsaws, swinging axes, shooting arrows and good old spike pits, and your challenge is to get to the finish point for that particular cave. fortunately it's not JUST about timing and accuracy of jumps as you also get dynamite to hurl at the landscape which not only takes out traps, but also destroys the cavern walls

This also means you have to be very careful not to make the level impossible to finish by destroying TOO much of the level thus nixing any chance of progress...  

After every second level you get an option for a 'free' skills enhancement, ranging from an extra life, additional dynamite, higher MAX dynamite or health to higher jumps, or better grips on walls.

Just Get Through features unlockable achievements, the first of which you'll probably want and get is colour pallettes. (when I took the screenshots I hadn't got any yet, but of course on my very next play I got one... meh)

There's also a sandbox mode where you can essentially construct your own levels in a built in editor to make your own nasty caverns to jump around in.

All in all, I really like JGT and is a great thing for destroying any spare time you thought you had, and is currently a bargain at €1.99 (or more) from itch.io

Retrific is also going through a steam greenlight campaign and could do with some votes to get selected. Cunningly, they promise that if you buy it now through itch.io, you will also recieve a steam key if they are successful and that the steam price will likely rise once it's there so if you like the look of it then:
Vote on Greenlight
Buy from Retrific


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