24 GOG bundles on sale - The BIG 2014 DRM-Free GOG Winter Sale final two days!

We've only just recently featured the big 16 bundle GOG deal and the previous Daedalic and Dungeon Crawling deals on GOG but today they've done one big final big 24 bundle push for the last two day winter sale. Although my personal choice of bundles are the same as before Might and Magic Series, Dungeon Crawlers and Settling for less, you can also buy other bundles such as; Godmode Bundle, Gabriel Knight Classic, Fantasy QuestsThe Ultimate D&D Collection, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Zone, City Builder Bundle, Best of BullfrogThe Witcher Tag Team, Heroes of Might and Magic SeriesGamers Series, Sid Meier's Pack, Age of Wonders Pack, Rayman Series, FPS Icons, Anomaly Bundle, Wing Commander Saga and Loads of Larry Love.

Hurry, the deals are going to end soon!

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