WinUAE 3.0.0 beta RC3 - Last minute Amiga emulator changes

Toni Wilen, creator of the Amiga-PC Emulator WinUAE has just informed the Amiga community that the next beta release will be the final before the big 3.0.0. Although this RC3 package isn't a big update, it does have some last minute changes such as (Removed A26x0 chip ram mirror hack) & (qemu-uae.dll updated to final 2.2.0 QEMU release). As ever, for the best in Amiga game usage on your PC or installing an Amiga OS use WinUAE! Read on for the change log

Beta 28: (RC3. Next should be final because this has enough last minute changes!)

- qemu-uae.dll updated to final 2.2.0 QEMU release. (No PPC changes)
- Removed A26x0 chip ram mirror hack (b25), not needed anymore.
- Copper WAIT with BFD=0 (wait for blitter enabled) sequence was incorrect, copper first waits for blitter, then it goes to normal WAIT state. Previously WAIT state check was done first, then blitter wait. It is not same because copper requires idle cycle when WAIT ends and it should be after blitter has finished, not before. (Last minute change 1)
- Second last minute change: last line sprite DMA logic behavior difference between A1000 Agnus and Fat revisions. Sprite glitches are different in Skitro by Awesome/D-Tect/Vanish when run on A1000 vs OCS A500. Also fixes missing yellow glitches in same demo.
- b23 "Fixed missing graphics in Disposable Hero title screen in non-cycle exact modes." broke (again) demo Back in 90 / Samplers. Added quick workaround: only do "Disposable Hero" fix if CPU is 68020+ (=works in most whdload configurations without glitches).


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