Amiga gamer Hipoonios has been sued by Studio Peyo for Smurfs game

Back in December of last year, Mikael Persson, also known as Hipoonios created a very special Amiga homebrew release in the form of "Smurf Rescue". It was his second platform game after the previous release of Super Ted, created using Backbone as you play as a Smurf on a quest to save all the Smurfs from the evil Wizard Gargamel. But unbeknownst to him, just one month later he was to find an email addressed to him from Studio Peyo suing him for a rather hurtful sum of 2000 euro.

Yes, it is true! Remember my crappy Smurf game I made in Backbone just a few weeks ago? "Studio Peyo" (the owners of The Smurfs trademark) have sued me for have creating an unlicensed video game of The Smurfs.
Now I know pretty well that you are not allowed to make unlicensed video games or use others work without permission, but this is just a game made in BACKBONE for a 30 year old computer. LOL... this is insane! I'm sure they don't even know what an Amiga is. And I doubt more than 50 people have downloaded it. How much do you think I must pay for this? ... (see the attached screenshots)
I have seen a lot of other people creating video games with famous characters. Also there are a few in the works (like the Danger Mouse game and Evil Minions etc). Also seen a few unlicensed conversions of games. Now I don't think you have to be worried because I think I know who it was who did this to me. A guy in the community does not like me very much. So I'm sure it was him who told Studio Peyo about it. (nope, I will not mention his name here). There is so many things that makes me suspect that lamer.
So Smurf Rescue and my other game SuperTed (just in case) has been removed. And no more Amiga games from me 

I personally can understand that trademarks do need to be protected, however I don't see why Studio Peyo would need to sue for such a huge amount when it comes to a very old platform, especially the Amiga. Perhaps a simple cease and desist order without the cost would be less harmful?

Let us know your thoughts.


  1. This is just absurd! His Smurf Rescue should easily fall under fair use (even parody) as he never sold the game.

  2. Per-Ola Eriksson23 January 2015 at 20:01

    He is a HERO ! he never done something wrong , what was wrong ?

    Studio Peyo

  3. Per-Ola Eriksson23 January 2015 at 20:02

    He is a Hero to create a Game like this to the Amiga , he never did something wrong , Why ?

  4. Fuck Studio Peyo!!!!!

  5. Hermione Granger23 January 2015 at 23:14

    he should made a game about me instead, just saying....

  6. Grabbed the files just before they got removed from Aminet :)

  7. Well done :D

  8. Copyright is copyright.. The Smurfs are sh*t, but they are still having movies and stuff made (why God, why?) so it's an ongoing thing.

    I don't understand why the creator of this game used Smurfs anyway.. they SUCK!!! If he had made the effort to make some original sprites he could have had a cool, original game to his name.

  9. This is, to my understanding, a really crappy game written in a language that basically spits the AmigaOS operating in the face. Moreover, the author has ignored the copyright laws that are there for a reason.

  10. Studio Peyo supporter26 January 2015 at 01:47

    The guy isn't doing himself any favours with his poor attitude and foul language. The game itself is a really sad excuse of a game, which relies heavilly on plagiarised content and the backbone game creation software. This 36 year old adult should know better than to use copyrighted content without permission. He is clearly being made an example of.

  11. But is this a real email from the real copyright holders? I would've thought they'd need to send official paperwork by snail mail. An email can come from anybody. How does he know it's just not someone playing a prank? Best that he get legal advice before parting with 2000 euros.

  12. A very special homebrew release? We hate these bedroom hacks where everything is stolen from other games. Hero my bottom.


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