Solomon's Key 2 - A NES puzzle platformer for the Amiga is now available!

Amiga gamers should be happy with this news, as Hukka has now released his 100% assembly Amiga developed remake of the original NES game Solomon's Key 2(Fire 'n Ice). A NES puzzle platformer from the early 90's, you play as Dana and tasked with extinguishing all the fires in a level to proceed to the next. Similar in style to other block moving games, you can create your own ice or by kicking ice onto the fires.

According to Hukka the Amiga version features include a built in level editor and saving/loading your progress. Some features from the original are missing: levels containing lava or enemies; some cutscenes and sound effects; final boss battle.

Still, the game can be completed normally and bonus worlds are included.

Available to download from this website

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