WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 5 - Early hour beta for the Amiga emulator (UPDATE Beta 6)

I'm sure Toni Wilen must be on the coffee, as he has now released WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 5, only 4 days after the previous beta. Containing yet more bug fixes and improvements such as fixed ESP SCSI DMA emulation, this is the very latest Amiga emulator release which as always, enables you to play Amiga games and install an Amiga OS. It is pretty much one of the best Amiga emulators you can use, although we also highly recommend FS-UAE. Read on for the change log

Beta 5:

- Fixed ESP SCSI DMA emulation bug I introduced when non-DMA mode support was added (Original code from QEMU was DMA-only)
- Nordic Power v3.2 and Pro Access v2.17 (early version of cartridge that become Action Replay 1) support added.
- Some chipset emulation tweaks. Strange bitplane DMA on/off mid scanline behavior now emulated, not sure if exactly right yet. Also some strange OCS/ECS differences tweaked. Should be mostly finished now. I'll post more details later.
- Some tweaks to writing to BPLxPT 1 cycle before BPL DMA fetches same bitplane. Nakudemo / Vision-X ECS only corruption is now correct (and also looks much worse than previously).
- GVP SCSI WD33C93 transfer info command with DMA enabled was not working.
- Compressed flashable rom images didn't unpack automatically. Flash modifications are not saved if using compressed image.
- Remember original input device name when loading config and input device is not currently available. If/when input device gets connected, device is automatically inserted in to originally configured port. Remembered name is "forgotten" when input device is manually changed in GUI or if autoswitching is used.

Forum Discussion

- UPDATE 23/01/15 -

Rather than do a new article as it's only just a few days after the previous beta. Toni Wilen has released the latest beta number 6 with a number of fixes that have been reported by the community in ref to Beta 5.

Beta 6:

- b5 input device update fix, changing to any keyboard layout didn't reset "remembered" device name.
- Cycle at DDFSTRT-1 was sometimes incorrectly unavailable for blitter. (b5)
- In some rare situations blitter stole cycle(s) from copper.
- Pre-calculated end position of scanline was incorrect in some situations causing incorrect bitplane vs other DMA cycle allocation (b5)
- If RawInput didn't find any game controller HID devices and command line didn't have any forced HID parameters, always try again when new device is inserted instead of disabling HID support completely and falling back to DirectInput. RawInput and DirectInput device identifiers are different and wrong device may have been selected in some situations.
- Master volume is now real master volume control. Paula, CD and AHI are sub-volume controls.
- Toccata Paula (AUX2 input) volume control implemented. Not tested.
- GVP SCSI without ROM didn't set any autoconfig data.
- Fastlane (and possibly some other Z3 SCSI boards) didn't autoconfigure if Z3 autoconfig space was disabled.


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