Street Warriors - Beat em up crazy hacked for the C64

The last cheatable retro game of mention for today is 'Street Warriors'; a beat em up by Silverbird released in 1989 for the C64. Similar in style to such games as Double Dragon but in no way as good, you must punch and kick your way through multiple enemy types to reach the final boss.

Street Warriors isn't a terrible game especially with the different gaming scenes, detailed backgrounds and fighting moves, but what put me right off was the constant spawn of enemies if any two enemies are defeated. In the early stage it just doesn't let you take a breather, by the time you've defeated a few enemy spawns on the right side of the screen and move, two more appear and it's a rinse and repeat. They also follow you like glue in the same general set pattern, if you move up, they move up.

Perhaps I didn't give enough chance, but when there are far better beat em ups to play, I didn't see the need to carry on with this. At least Hackersoft was nice enough to crack/cheat this game and give the gamer a chance to play through all the levels without much effort.


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