WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 7 - Big beta release for the best Amiga emulator

After a weekend with the family, it's time to return for what we love best, writing about Indie and Retro! Thus today's news is the latest beta release from Toni Wilen of the Amiga emulator 'WinUAE'. Currently at WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 7, this beta is packed with new features and SCSI/IDE controller updates. See changelog for listed additions.

Beta 7:

- Fixed infinite recursion (and stack overflow) when pause when uncaptered is enabled and display mode changes.
- Added AlfaPower/AT-BUS 508/2008/AlfaPower Plus IDE controller.
- Very simple low level SCSI emulator added to support Apollo software bit-banging SCSI.
- Added Apollo IDE/SCSI board (AT500/AT2008) and Apollo 1240/1260 accelerator boards with SCSI.
- Added GVP Series I SCSI controller.
- Added GVP A530 accelerator. Uses same boot ROM as GVP Series II SCSI controllers. (Uses GVP #2 SCSI slot)
- Added Masoboshi MC-702 IDE+SCSI controller.
- Toccata CD audio (AUX1) volume control added.
- Another Restart related crash fix.
- Added "framecounter" float shader variable.
- Paths panel Save All button now creates zip file that contains winuaebootlog.txt, winuaelog.txt and config file.
- Quickstart A1200 + accelerator board, A500+ and A600 with expansion never had RTC. (Wrong order of functions..)
- Possible clock sync option small stability improvement.
- Fixed memory corruption if directory harddrive with empty name was selected.

SCSI/IDE controller notes:

GVP Series I:
- Not true DMA, DMA transfers from WD to/from onboard SRAM buffer. CPU needed to read/write buffer ram.
- Driver (scsidev.device) is very old and has (many?) limits, for example only OFS and FFS partitions mount correctly.

AlfaPower/AT-Bus 508/2008/AlfaPower Plus:
- AlfaPower: no hardware interrupt (!!), AlfaPower Plus implements interrupt support.
- v6.10 ROM (Last that works with non-Plus hardware?) and v8.3 that requires Plus.

- All Apollo variants seems to have identical SCSI hardware. (Accelerators and 500/2000)
- SCSI is working. IDE is not fully tested, only AT500/AT2000 have full IDE driver. For some reason Apollo 1240/1260 driver still have short "is there any IDE drives" detection code remaining.
- "Software" SCSI, hardware can only do bus arbitration in hardware, everything else is done by bit-banging SCSI IO lines. Both SCSI and IDE also use non-DMA data transfers.
- 128k Apollo ROMs (68060 f00000 ROM code and SCSI driver) are currrently supported. Non-accelerator (AT500/AT2000) ROMs don't seem to be available = can't test IDE emulation.
- 128k v5.60 ROM added. Seems to be last 1240/1260 ROM with SCSI.

- Unusual design, SCSI supports both PIO and DMA, software selectable.
- IDE and SCSI (sort of) in non-DMA mode working.
- SCSI writes are not working correctly, do not use! DMA controller not yet emulated.
- "2.201" (device version) boot ROM added. ROM image does not have any version numbers or dates.
- IDE driver uses CHS addressing and seems to have problems with 2G drives, actual limit may be smaller. It tries to access first unavailable block number at the end of drive. (Driver flashes red background color if drive returns error status)

Most popular SCSI and IDE controllers are now implemented.
Remaining IDE boards that I'd like to support:
- Roctec RocHard (Need boot ROM)
- AdIDE 40/44 (Need boot ROM)
Remaining SCSI boards are 5380/53c80 based boards that need chip emulation first:
- All SupraDrives.
- Trumpcard 500/2000

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