Knuckle Busters 29D - C64 arcade beat em up cracked by Hackersoft

In 1986 Melbourne House released an arcade beat em up for the C64 called Knuckle Buster. It was a frustrating and rather poor title with repetitive respawning enemies, lacklustre fighting mechanics and tedious jumping levels. The only saving grace was the brilliant sound track by the legend that is Rob Hubbard. Yet if it wasn't for Hackersoft's latest cracked update of the game which features many new additions, I probably would not have touched the game again today.

Facing imprisonment and lobotomy you decide to escape. You are not going to end up as an Android Guard watching over other prisoners, so you smashed up the central computer and started to run. You must break out of the prison through the six zones - the cell blocks, the guard area, the prison wall, the city, the downtown precinct and the outer city wall. But be warned - there is only a single route through to the final zone. However, your sabotage to the computer will cause it to blow up and take the city with it, so you must escape quickly, or die!

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  1. Why do you keep posting this stuff on Facebook? Just link the original site unless you've got anything new to add.


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