WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 16 - Double beta update for this Amiga emulator

Bit of a late one for us as we missed out on the previous beta 15, but beta 16 of the Amiga emulator 'WinUAE' has been released by Toni Wilen. As per usual containing lots of lovely fixes and improvements, WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 16 is the newest version for those of  you who want to play the best in Amiga games on your PC or through a real Amiga! See change log for details.

Beta 15:

- Map only upper half of ROM image if GVP Series II ROM is 32k.
- HD controller ROM loader duplicate code removal from HD controller specific code.
- Accelerator board HD controller hardware was not added to emulation if board's boot ROM was missing. (b12)
- Added DKB 12x0 accelerator on-board RAM support. 1M and 2M size are not supported, address mapping is not completely emulated.
- Floppy sound volume mixing fixed (b14).
- Oktagon 2008 didn't have autoboot disable option.
- Only keep high Windows timer resolution mode active when emulation is running.
- Added Seek (6) and (10) SCSI commands to HD SCSI emulator, only checks for valid LBA.
- VGA modes had inverted TV/VGA aspect ratio setting. (Probably not completely correct yet)
- Added configurable blanking borders. GUI adjustment hacked to Filter panel, "Overscan blanking" setting. When "Overscan blanking" is selected, filter mode is always none. First slider adjusts horizontal start, second = horizontal end, third = vertical start, fourth = vertical end. Values are always in superhires (horizontal) and interlaced (vertical) coordinates. Zero = disabled. Currently display is only updated with new values after returning to emulation and GUI text elements are not changed.

Beta 16:

- Automatic resize used horizontal zoom value for both horizontal and vertical.
- Replaced half-integer scaling options with separate select menu with 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 scaling options.
- Paths panel portable mode checkbox now switches between modes. NOTE: currently old data is not copied but created from scratch. Switching off portable mode automatically deletes winuae.ini. Switching on portable mode does not delete registry data.
- Graffiti/HAM-E mode switch does not anymore change display position.
- Added HAM-E Plus emulation. (Probably not correct implemention, currently uses simple average calculation to create extra pixel between each "normal" HAM-E pixel)
- Added separate waiting for connection TCP serial option. Old option does not wait anymore.
- Fixed 7-bit serial bytes in serial logging/TCP modes (Stop bit=bit7 was not cleared)
- Added Roctec RocHard RH800C emulation. rtidedisk.device, 1.0 ROM added which is IDE-only. First port is IDE unit 0, second port is IDE unit 2. Ports are not shared and master-only. (Anyone have v2.0?)

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