5 games of enjoyment now available for the C64! (Fully Featured)

Not to be left behind with all the latest ZX Spectrum titles appearing, the C64 has also got some great games for you to enjoy that have either been re-released due to a new crack/trainer or in the case of Triad and Laxity, preview games that are still a work in progress. As such rather than post one game per article, in this one we will feature all of them and if they are worthy of your play time.

The first game is called "Rebound" a public domain release from 1988 by David Kinder that is very similar to games such as Arkanoid and Breakout but with blocked blackgrounds and incredibly fast paced paddle movement. As is also the case you can collect power ups that are used when pressing the fire button and the sphere is used to smash blocks. Today's re-release features a helpful trainer by Excess that can be downloaded from CDSB - Here

The next release is a picture puzzle game titled 'Turn Change Preview 3' which is a preview that has been updated with a trainer by Laxity and features a producer picture, titlescreen, 30 levels instead of 10 and an end game screen. Although not my kind of game, I prefer action, in this puzzle game you have to exchange one picture block for another until the entire picture screen looks like the one behind it. It might sound strange but it does work really well and is playable by all ages. Available through CSDB - Here

The third game and another Laxity release is 'Tornado +3ED'. In this game unlike the puzzle one, you are the defender of a city and must pilot the advanced TORNADO to stop the attacking computer controlled enemies at all cost. Waves upon waves of enemies will not only kill you in one hit, but if they get past will bomb your city to the ground killing many innocent civilians. A fun game indeed that will push your shoot em up skills to the limit! If you're too unskilled thankfully Laxity was on hand to help with this trainer release! Source CSDB - Download HERE

This time it's TRIAD's time to shine with the latest release of 'M45 preview', an early build of a an early Jukka designed simulator shooter that revolves around the moving through a landscape in a first person view point and shooting enemies. As I've never played the original game my self, I was a bit lost as to what to do, but at a guess, the radar is used for picking up enemies in range, the arrow points to your direction and each block signifies a change of scenic direction. If anyone knows more about this game, please let us know!  Available to download from CSDB - HERE

The fifth and final release and another one by TRIAD is Jukka Tapanimaki's 'Moonfall'. According to TRIAD, this is a previously unreleased preview of Moonfall, from Jukka which was later picked up by Hewson and published by 21st Century Entertainment. This version pre-dates the preview released in 1991 and contains a number of differences such as less vectors ( Improved speed ) and different cockpit frame graphics. Game play wise it's very similar to the previous game we mentioned and again features a radar for enemy scanning and a first person view point to shoot vectors with a laser beam. So give it a go and let us know what you think from HERE

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