Lander 2 - Lunar Lander inspired release for the SMS!

In 1979 Atari Inc released Lunar Lander for the Arcade, and the object of the game was to pilot a lunar module onto the moon via a safe landing. Using vectored thrust you had to avoid obstacles such as the landscape while safely navigating to the required spot for a successful completion. I found it very enjoyable for its time and was pleased to hear of an inspired release for the SMS during the 2015 coding competition called 'Lander 2'.

Developed by Jmimu, with similarities to Lunar Lander the purpose of the game is to make your rocket land safely on landing areas (horizontal with red dots) without using all your fuel. This is done by thrusting your ship into the right direction by using specific buttons on the joypad. Be warned though if you thrust too hard your ship will be uncontrollable and you'll end up smashing into many tiny pieces.

So far for a competition entry the game is getting fantastic reviews and I can see why! Ranging from " This game is amazing! I'd buy it. It's got that kind of gameplay that makes me just want to keep on playing" to "Love the faux parallax in the intro. This game is really well polished". So if you have an SMS with a Mega Everdrive or plan to use an Emulator, give Lander 2 a go today!

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