WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 17 - Early evening beta for the Amiga emulator

As we haven't done many articles over the last few days due to being extremely busy helping the family, here's another WinUAE beta release from Toni Wilen. This is the latest Amiga emulator beta version of WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 17 that as always contains lots of fixes and improvements. This is especially useful for those of you who always want the best in Amiga based setups, such as an OS or full of games. Read on for the change log.

Beta 17:

- Restrict GUI IDE units to 2 if device is single port and without IDE doubler support.
- Added recursive ROM scan option to Paths panel. Currently restricted to 2 directory levels.
- HAM-E Plus average pixel calculation bug fixed in hires mode.
- "Direct" serial mode and Amiga serial receive buffer is full and program does not clear buffered byte before new byte arrives (uses emulated serial speed): keep waiting until program reads the buffered byte. Previously it was possible to lose received characters in some situations.
- Windows 10 TP hack (b13) removed, build 10061 fixed it. RIM_TYPEHID RawInput bug is also fixed in 10061.
- VGA autoresolution hires<>superhires switch was unreliable, it didn't set internal "config changed" variable.
- If DirectInput device acquire call fails 10 times, ignore the device and stop error logging until all devices needs to be re-acquired (for example focus is lost and regained or GUI is entered and exited)
- Entering ROM panel possible crash fixed.
- Newtronic Technologies Video DAC 18 RGB port video adapter emulation. (Format encoding information by mark_k)
- If programmable hsync or vsync enabled with out of range values: syncs stop, stop also CIA-A (if vsync timed) and/or CIA-B TOD counting.
- Archos AVideo 12 emulation. Denise adapter, not AGA compatible, can't be AGA compatible even in emulation due to custom chipset register conflict. (Information by mark_k)
- FBcc and FDBcc FPU instruction didn't work correctly in more compatible or cycle-exact modes.
- Negative boot priority value was parsed incorrectly when loading config file. Broken when manual HDF geometry support was added
- If system has built-in touch screen (for example Intel based Windows 8.1 tablet), >3s touch in top/left corner will open GUI. Added because previously it was impossible to enter GUI without external keyboard. Quick hack only, real touch support may or may not be implemented in future.
- Made "Double, fields" default for interlace mode.
- Added partial 53C400 SCSI chip emulation (53C400 = 53C80 + integrated buffered "fake" dma support + some PC single chip SCSI integration/compatibility features)
- Added Roctec RocHard RH800C SCSI emulation (53C400). Emulation is based on boot disk SCSI format utility behavior, for some reason disk loadable driver won't automount SCSI disks. v2.0 ROM is still MIA. IDE-only (SCSI chip not installed) and IDE+SCSI board subtypes added.
- Generate DSKSYN interrupt if DSKSYNC matches zero when DMA is started but before any bits gets transferred. Jukebox 2 / Dreamdealers accidentally (wrong INTREQR bit checked) requires it.


- In regards to our news, we will return to normal as from Monday!

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