Jet Set Willy - 2015 Bug Fixed Edition available for the ZX Spectrum

Now here's a game I think most of our readers would have played or heard of throughout the years, it's Jet Set Willy. A platform game originally written by Matthew Smith and published by Software Projects for many home computers such as the ZX Spectrum in 1984. It star'd none other than Miner Willy who is tasked by the housekeeper Maria with the cleaning up of items left around the house after a big party. Today's news see's the release of Jet Set Willy 2015 Bug Fixed Edition; a jswmm special - A bug fixed edition of the original Spectrum version.

The original was a fantastic game, with many rooms to explore such as the Banyan Tree, to the First Landing, and each one containing baddies galore. Items were placed around the map for Willy to collect, left over from the night before. But It's hard to say why people keep coming back to the game, maybe because it has such an incredible 8-bit charm with simplistic side on detail and challenging well timed jumping gameplay. Or is it because the name " Jet Set WILLY " stands out so much. But what ever your thoughts on the game are, it will never be forgotten.

But when it comes to this release, It's strange to think of what could be improved for this mighty fine game, especially as it has such as huge following. But the developers have certainly done that! About 17 changes have been made for the game with some fixes needed that people probably wouldn't have even been noticed in the original release. However, rather than us list every change, it's best to check out the discussion forums, register for download, and have a damn good time!

Discussion ( Contains download, registration needed )
World of Spectrum ( Will contain download link soon, no forced registration )

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