Legends of Pixelia - Playthrough + Greenlit on Steam, and days left on Kickstarter!

Legends of Pixelia has been Greenlit by the Steam Community and is also now on Kickstarter which has met its stated goal. Hurray! Expanding beyond the first dungeon, early access version 0.82 has multiple dungeons and interesting monsters that you will encounter and fight in a bloody battle to the death (hopefully not yours).

Something I found interesting was the inclusion of flying monsters. You will find many bats in the second dungeon (The Winged Palace). These flying critters reminded me of the bats in the second level of Pitfall II (Atari 5200 version) except these Legends of Pixelia bats will swarm and will send out sonar-like ranged attacks that ping off walls which can hit you in the back, so watch out for those.

Some enemies are shielded as seen with the colored brackets to the left and right of the enemy. It's easier to play the game with gamepad controllers, but for using a keyboard, you will need to get used to hitting the following keys in order to remove shields from enemy monsters.

A = removes Blue enemy shields
W = removes Yellow enemy shields
D = removes Red enemy shields

You can remove green shields by attacking the enemy up close with a melee attack.

Memorizing which key removes which color shield takes a bit of getting used to but an easy way to keep track of which key to hit to remove which color shield is by glancing at the color bars above your character icon.
From left to right, keys go from A - W - D (Blue to Yellow to Red)
The E key is used to deflect/defend
The S key is the basic hack/slash attack 

In the full version of Legends of Pixelia, you can choose between either Knight, Paladin, or Barbarian. You can differentiate the characters by the weapon that they hold. The knight wields the sword, the paladin wields the hammer, and the barbarian wields an axe.

If your character finds a statue of an angel, you can save the statue by killing the monsters that come near the statue, the angel will then come to life and praise your mortal character for saving the angel with gifts of either an item or gold. (So far I've managed to save the angel when spiders create their webs near the angel statue, and then I kill the spiders. There are likely other ways). 

There are also varying styles of ranged attacks. The Knight and Barbarian have each 1 ranged attack. The Paladin has 2 ranged attacks, (a frisbee like attack D, and a flying cross attack W).

And of course there are many tough boss battles to fight, like the three headed Codon. Make sure to search the dungeons for vials and chests which will contain potions, weapons and armor that you can use to increase attack and defend ratings.

Sometimes bosses come in pairs like the deadly duo of giant demon like bats, Cain and Abel! It is best to explore the entire dungeon to search for as many weapons and potions and gold that you can find and equip before entering each dungeon's final battle room.

There are also multi-player and death-match options, so grab a few friends, hook up some controllers, and get your pixels on!

So get out there and back the Legends of Pixelia Kickstarter or get the game on Steam.

Check out the official site at http://www.legendsofpixelia.de/
or at Desura at IndieDB

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