More Dizzy games added to the YolkFolk browser based line up!

It's another week of gaming and once again it's another Dizzy related update with none other than 'Dizzy The Adventurer' and "Go! Dizzy Go!". Already we've mentioned the previous YolkFolk line up such as the complete ZX Spectrum collection and the more recent Fantastic Dizzy but thanks to a mention by Andrew Joseph of both of these classics from the original NES system are now completely playable in your browser for free!

Unlike the previous Fantastic Dizzy that we mentioned earlier, Dizzy The Adventurer on the NES was originally called Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk which appeared on the Amiga, Amstrad, CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and DOS but was released in 1992/3 as an enhanced and re-released Deck Enhancer version. The story although hugely different in graphical style, once again featured Dizzy on an adventure as he must escape from Jail by that evil Rokwart the Troll, wake up Daisy from her enchanted sleep, defeat Rockwart, and find the cherries along the way. A lovely adventure indeed with original NES detail, upbeat Dizzy music and even an animated mouth moving Dizzy! " LETS PLAY DIZZY! "

The next game to mention in the Dizzy line up is GO! Dizzy GO! an arcade puzzle based experience with a fantastic chippy soundtrack and family fun as your little egg must traverse the underwater world to collect fruit, avoid baddies and in later levels move puzzle pieces. But what sounds fun nearly ended up as a complete disaster in it's original development. Go! Dizzy Go! was actually going to be released on the NES for the Aladdin; but due to its failure, the title was then planned for release as a stand-alone title for the Sega Master System. However, Codemasters, was uncomfortable releasing it separately at full price, so included it as part of The Excellent Dizzy Collection.

Thankfully all of these games saw the light of day and now you too can play all of the ZX Spectrum Dizzy games, the Fantastic Dizzy release, Dizzy The Adventurer and GO! Dizzy GO! with load states, save states, full screen and included gamepad support!

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