Scramble v1.4 - Brilliant little shoot em up gets a new C64 build

I was just thinking to myself could this day get any better for my breadbin C64, and going by the latest update from Laxity, it just has! Welcome to 'Scramble' version 1.14; a very nice side scrolling shoot em up C64 port of a much earlier game which was originally released way back in 1983 as Skramble developed by Darrell Etherington. This version developed by Thomas Kite, stays true to the original but features a much smoother frame rate and if you get the latest Laxity release it also features a handy trainer.

Playing as spaceship commander, you must fly through tight caves and over cities, while being attacked by launched rockets, ufo's and other such bad guys without ending up having your ship blown into smithereens. Unlike the original game however which had a fuel guage, in this latest port you have to watch your oil scale, which I believe can be replenished by hitting certain objects..

For what it's worth Scramble V1.4, released in 2015 is a great shoot em up that's not only enjoyable to play at any age, it also doesn't look to bad either!


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