Street Fighter II - The REAL CPC Edition is in development!

Cast your minds way back to 1992 when Capcom's eagerly awaited beat em up ' Street Fighter 2 ' finally appeared on the C64 and ZX Spectrum. At least a year and a half later if not more , the Amstrad version was supposed to be coming to the Amstrad CPC, at least according to Amstrad Action. Yet for some reason, perhaps the development was scrapped it never appeared. Many years later, a homebrew port from the Gameboy version did appear on the Amstrad CPC by Hermol but many felt that it wasn't a true reflection of the Amstrad's detail. Fast forward to 2013-2015 and a very impressive homebrew remake titled 'Street Fighter II - CPC Edition' is being developed by DaDMaN, McKlain and AugustoRuiz for the Amstrad CPC 6128 (128Kb RAM).

Old Footage (No Music)

According to the developers from the 2013 announcement, the Street Fighter II real CPC edition, already features custom disk access, animation, input handling for both players, compression, video split, memory banking and music routines with move detection, AI, menu detail's and more still to come. Certainly looking pretty incredible for anyone that has an Amstrad CPC or is a huge fan of Street Fighter!

Update Footage

As for the 2015 update, the developer was given a number of prods as users began to get concerned the game was never going to see the light of day or as one user puts it 'Scrapped'. Thankfully the developer did reply and has said "We're still working on it, but progress is being really slow. Hard to cram all of it in 128kb. And work is really busy since quite a while... But it will be done."

So there you have it, the game is still being worked on and could well come out this year or next! Make sure to follow the developments on the CPCWiki forums

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