Lighting up a C64 like a Disco!

In March of this year we featured the Commodore 64C cases in new cool colours through Kickstarter, which ended up being a complete success raising $94,776. But one of those cases which are really starting to get more attention for modders is the transparent mold, which is just perfect for showing off the C64 internals or adding extras such as lots of colourful LED's. Today's feature that is sure to impress, is a C64 that doesn't just light up like a Christmas tree but actually flashes and strobes to a musical beat!

According to war64burnout, this eye opening C64 has RGB LED strips with a sound control board, that enables the LED's to flash, blink and strobe with each specific tone that is being listened to such as SID music. The creator has also from the original design added more LED lights to the bottom of the case for an even more full on effect. 

We've seen lots of different case mods throughout Facebook, but this one certainly stands out not just in the day time, but one to show off to your friends at night as well. Now all that's missing is the key's themselves to light up and it would be pretty much complete.

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