Commodore 64C classic in new cool colours through Kickstarter

We were a bit late on this one but the news of today is the C64C (a Commodore classic) is going to get a rather spiffy colour change through a Kickstarter campaign. Already a massive Kickstarter success raising $18,869 of a $10,000 goal will give you the chance to own a brand new coloured mold of the C64C in a colour of your choice!

Developed by Dallas Moore, with the pledge of $35.00 USD plus shipping ($10.00 US or $20.00 worldwide), you can select your colour (Bright White, Bright Red, or Royal Blue) shell of a C64.  The coloured designs will only be limited to the first 500, so after that, you're out of luck! So if you want a really nice moulded shell of a C64C for your C64 hardware, giving it a new look then head over to the Kickstarter, pledge your money and own a new colour for a great piece of our retro history.

Kickstarter Page

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  1. Duke Christopheles6 March 2015 at 03:12

    Wonder how hard it would be to put some modern components into one of those shells and run a C64 emulator or something?


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