R-Type Deluxe blasting its way towards the Atari STe

You may remember our big article on the Amstrad remake of 'R-Type 128k' which came with high praise and regarded as one of the most downloaded Amstrad homebrew's ever. But there's another remake that is set to take the Atari ST scene by storm and it's 'R-Type Deluxe', which is coming to the Atari STe at some point this year developed by Stephen Jones. For those of you who don't know of R-Type, it is one of the most incredible shoot em ups of our time, originally produced by Irem in 1987 that has been ported to a multitude of systems as you defend humanity against a mysterious alien life form known as the Bydo.

It featured many waves of enemies some of them extremely deadly, a beam weapon, power ups, great level detail that almost feels alive, big menacing bosses and a fantastic soundtrack that you will listen to again and again. As such I myself have spent many hours playing this game, more so on the Amiga than the Amstrad, but it came as a huge surprise today to learn of the Atari STe version which is more than just a port remake!

Now the problem with the original Atari version, which I'm sure you'll notice while watching youtube videos, is the general lacklustre frame rate when playing the game. It is simply not smooth enough for my liking and going by the people playing it, they feel the same way. However the R-Type Deluxe version looks as if it's going to change all that and be the version it should've been on the Atari ST!

According to AtariCrypt this remake will be a dedicated release for the Atari STe, which will make full use of the extra hardware, pushing to the full its blitter, hardware scrolling and sound chip like never before! Also to note we may not have long to wait either, as the hopeful release date may be in time for STNICCC 2015!

All in all it's looking pretty incredible, and if the game video and screen shots are anything to go by, it could be a real competitive R-Type to the Amiga version, which even I prefer over other versions that I've played so far.

To finish this though, we'd like to say a huge thanks to Retrogamingmagazine and Ataricrypt for the screenshots and release news!

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