Random Acts of Mining - Arcade fun for your Steam Greenlight votes

When it comes to Indie games some of the most popular types are those that involve the player exploring deep caves and fighting beasts with a mission to collect something of value. It gives you that urge to go ever deeper and a wonder of what lurks around the next rock face. As such, here we are with 'Random Acts of Mining'; a game that involves a Robotic Underground Treasure Hunter as she navigates her way through dangerous randomly-populated subterranean environments to procure precious gems and acquire valuable wildlife specimens that was lost in an accidental teleport!

With a hint of retro, as one person puts it " It feels like a C64 game ", Random Acts of Mining is a fun looking little gem of an arcade style exploration title, which features both shooting action and item collection throughout a rather dark underground cavern.

However as of yet we don't have a firm release date, but the developers are hoping for your Steam Greenlight votes and if successful will be available for the PC at some point soon.

Steam Greenlight page

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