Zombo - A free ZX Spectrum game that will eat your brains!

Watch out everyone the Zombies are coming! Well ok not quite yet, but a new game has appeared for the ZX Spectrum by Monsterbytes, which features your very own playable Zombie hybrid that is both part Man and part Zombie! You are 'ZOMBO', the result of a top secret experiment to create the ultimate soldier, now on a mission to save the survivors of Flight 303 that has crash landed on the proto-sentient and highly lethal death world known as Chronos.

Play across many different screens with classic ZX Spectrum detail as you rescue 6 survivors while avoiding deadly baddies and shooting others with the use of the Shootybang 2000! Collect coded keys and other items which may or may not help, but above all you must survive. A game that at times will make you feel like a Zombie as your little green man can get stuck on deadly areas of the landscape and the looped death hits you again and again!

Based on the comic and the action figure, Zombo is available to play for free today! Can you rescue all the survivors or be forever squished in this deadly landscape?

Links :

1) Download
2) Website
3) Discussion and tips

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