The Gourd of the Beans - A VERY retro adventure aims for Steam Greenlight success

Ladies and Gentlemen the 1980's adventure graphical style is BACK! That's right, there's a game that has just appeared for your Steam Greenlight votes that looks very much like Kings Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest right out of the 80's. Welcome to ' The Gourd of the Beans' by Jolly Roger Epic Productions, built in the classic Sierra adventure game style! Enter a battle of wits with the command line parser in this hilarious re-imagining of the Lord of the Rings story with you playing as Frobo Baddins, abused charity case and alleged village idiot with a simple view of the world!

A game of comedy and crazy characters, mashed up in the ega of awesomeness, The Gourd of the Beans looks to be something special for Steam Greenlight fans as already many are clicking that big thumbs up with one such person commenting "this game is fantastic! Brings back so many memories. The jokes, story, death, lots of death. Brilliant***"

So come on you 80's lot, lets give this one a BIG thumbs up for a Steam Greenlight success as the game is finished and ready to go!

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