Heroes & Cowards - Unreleased graphical C64 adventure is finally here! [Genesis Project/Triad Update]

It might be roasting at my place with a high humidity but that doesn't stop me from mentioning this great piece of news that has just appeared in our inbox. If you love adventure games then you'll be pleased to know that the unreleased graphical C64 adventure of 'Heroes & Cowards' by the makers of “Crime Time” and “Brubaker” has now appeared for order fully boxed. Over 20 years after their sensational Brubaker, Sebastian Broghammer and Steve Kups celebrate their triumphant comeback on the Commodore 64 in cooperation with Out of Order Softworks and Protovision to finally release this most wanted of adventure games. - Update : Since our article went live, Genesis Project & Triad have announced the cracked version of Heroes & Cowards +D [english/german] which includes a trainer.

Produced by the Legendary Byteriders, Heroes & Cowards is a text based adventure with high quality artwork to lead you through an adventure that will draw you into a far-away world, possessed by evil forces. The inhabitants of the cozy little country of Dartenwood were turned to stone by nasty magician Morlon - and only the Pentagram of Power can break the spell. However, its rubies are scattered throughout the land and all of Dartenwood's hopes are now resting on a chosen one! Only you, the Chosen One, can get the situation under control - and you must, as this is the only way for you to return home and break the evil spell.

Available for order are two versions, the Hero-Edition for 55 Euros and the economical edition for 35 Euros. Whereas the Hero-Edition will be the more luxurious of this lost Byteriders adventure. A unique edition limited to 50 copies, the game on disk does not only come in a classy, hand-numbered steel box including an extensive handbook and a keychain but also provides you with Dartenwood's citizenship of honor, a sealed certificate and a digitally mastered soundtrack album on CD with additional tracks!

The economical standard edition (the so-called Coward-Editon) comes in a  steel box with manual, disk and keychain, too. Alas, you will have to do without Dartenwood's citizenship of honor as well as the soundtrack album and the amulet. But don't let that disappoint as both editions will look equally as nice on a shelf full of C64 games!

If however you don't want the boxed versions, you can wait for the digital release which will be at least another two weeks. Which includes either a Standard-Download including a D64 image and the handbook in PDF format and a higher tier which will include the mastered digital soundtrack album in MP3 format and some exclusive bonus tracks for the game with a playing time of more than 50 minutes.


1) Original Source News

- Links do not include a download as a commercial digital version will be available soon!

2) CSDb Source
3) Genesis Project Website
4) Triad Website

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