INK - A fast paced platformer of beautiful colours

SUPER 91 Studios has contacted us recently to let us know of a brightly coloured fast paced platformer titled 'INK' which is developed by ZackBellGames that is now available to buy on Steam. In a similar style to Super Meat Boy but with bright rainbow colours, INK gives the player the ability to paint the invisible world by bumping into them or doing a double jump and spraying paint bullets in all directions. A fun for all the family game and one that would look good as a wall painting, you must defeat all the enemies in a room and reach the final goal.

What's also interesting is that death isn't permanent and can come with even more positive results, as when you bump into spikes or fall to your death, paint will shoot out from your last position, covering hidden areas for your next play through. Simply a beautiful game indeed, INK doesn't need fancy graphics and amazing backgrounds, just the brilliance of colour and gameplay that is fun for all ages. If you have children, tell them to come and play INK!

The game key features are:

  • 75 platforming levels to test your skills
  • Defeat challenging Bosses!
  • Jump on enemies to activate the exit portal
  • Explore levels by painting them with your double jump or, well, dying.
  • Experience the game's tight and responsive controls so you never feel cheated upon death

Links :

1) Steam Page
2) Twitter

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