PC to Amstrad CPC 464 - Games over Bluetooth!

Some would probably say I'm easily pleased, and to tell you the truth they are right. But what we've come across today simply blew my mind. Imagine going back to the 80's and someone telling you that in many years to come, you'd be able to wirelessly transfer games over to your Amstrad CPC 464. They'd probably think you had gone nuts! But that's exactly what this is; a way to play Amstrad CPC games via bluetooth as snapshots, to an Amstrad CPC 464 through an MX4 expansion board with X-MEM and CPC Minibooster expansions

According to Ronaldo (Profesor RetroMan) from the CPCWiki, this is a video of a snapshot of a game took from Winape emulator transferred from PC to CPC via Bluetooth. Software: SNArkos ROM (on CPC side) and Arkos File Transfer (on PC side over Ubuntu 14.04 Linux). You will also be pleased to know, the prof has even provided a step by step guide, so if you've got the hardware and the software, you can try it out too!


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