Roland of Sherwood - Carnivac's Amstrad CPC styled colorful game update!

Through these last few months we've been giving you the heads up over a great looking Amstrad CPC styled action platformer game of 'Roland of Sherwood', which is being developed by our friendly CPCwiki user, Carnivac. Well that same game has received another update today in the form of the picture above and a whizzy little gif. For those of you who didn't read our previous article, Roland of Sherwood is an update of the Roland in Time/Space pics with his time travelling phone booth having landed in medieval England.

Apart from the top screenshot which has had even more improvements such as bats flying about and knights walking around. The latest gif is an experiment by the developer to learn how to do orbit code for enemy types that float about in a circle. It's a little bit technical even if it does look like a Doctor Who episode, but here's Carnivac's far more detailed explanation below.

This here is a lil experiment I did with his phonebox  I was learning how to do orbit code for enemy types that float about in a circle and applied the script to the phonebox object with some randomisation of the x and y radius variables and with the starfield code I originally created for Cosmic Prison Commando.  And yeah this Doctor Who-esque scene occured.  Which I may keep for the intro of the game before Roland lands the phonebox in Nottingham.
Excuse the frame rate.  I did set LiceCap to 60fps but for some reason it still came out jerky.   The real running code is smoother and you can see the phone box animating properly spinning around.  Also it's a bit hard to see here cos of the jerkiness but the starfield origin moves about too like the phonebox is travelling in different directions.

I am eagerly awaiting Roland of Sherwood's release but once again we still don't have a firm release date, but what we can say is, it does look to be this year!

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