Bathyscaphe - Frustrating ZX Spectrum homebrew release

A new ZX Spectrum release for today and it's Jerri, Brightentayle and mmcm's colourful arcade game of Bathyscaphe, which is freely available in English and Spanish. After the recent discovery of a multi-level military complex by a Scientific Station, you were tasked in the launch of the Bathyscaphe to recover what was within for further research study. However all didn't go as planned as the complex was almost wiped out by a unknown mutant life form. Thus it's down to you to escape before you run out of oxygen.

Bathyscaphe isn't one of the greatest games we've played this year, if anything apart from the bright coloured textured walls the overall game was frustrating with death coming way to easy. As you move your ship around the maze like areas into different rooms not only do you have to deal with a depleting oxygen in case of death but if your energy runs when defending, you die any way.

Furthermore the game is only limited to one life, thus if you get very far in the game and blast way too many times to stop enemies from killing you, it's a game over! What I did like about the game however, was the main game screen, the chirpy little soundtrack and the smoothness of game play throughout. It's just too frustrating with the current one life and fast depleting oxygen.

Once again, this game just like the other ZX Spectrum games we have featured, are playable on a real ZX Spectrum or through the emulator Spectaculator.

Links 1) Discussion 2) Download EN 3) Download SPA

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