The story of the Oliver Twins - Chris Wilkins is back with another fantastic book!

Any time someone mentions Chris Wilkins, I think of those awesome books he has done such as ' The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels ' , ' The History of Ocean Software ' and the ' ZX Spectrum Story in pixels ' which is filled to the brim with memoirs, factual history, classic game screenshots and much more all in a lovely glossy print. Each one a huge success through Kickstarter and is a joy to read that I'd recommend time and time again to others. Well now Chris has moved onto his next Kickstarter and this time it's ' The story of the Oliver Twins ' who many of us know as the legends behind Dizzy!

After the success Chris and Roger Kean had with the ' History of Ocean Software ' and ' The Story of U.S Gold, they have now decided to move onto their next glossy book, filled with all there is to know about Philip and Andrew Oliver, who Chris has known for nearly 10 years. Furthermore Chris has been given a good stash of goods such as documents, drawings, reviews, listings and games from the twins to really make this book a worthy addition to your ever growing Chris Wilkins library. Oh and to further impress. the cover was designed by C64 graphics legend, Steven Day or STE'86 as many fans know him. The cover itself will be in matt with the Dizzy character embossed, and spot varnished.

Another interesting addition to the book, which will have a stitch bound spine, with about 236 pages. is Chris is teaming up with Roger Kean who has been responsible for documenting the history in both the Ocean and U.S. Gold book and his skills will be used once again to put to paper the story of The Oliver Twins, from the very start in their early teens up to the point they started Blitz. With games in the book such as Dizzy, Ski Simulator, Robin Hood and many more.

Also included will be further great facts about the people who worked with Philip and Andrew and also those who did the conversions of their games, including  a compliment of memoirs from colleagues, programmers, artists and musicians who helped the Twins. So yes, if it's anything like what has been done before, this book is going to be fantastic! ( It's already getting close to a £20,000 Kickstarter success)

For further information such as pledges, including ' Wonderland Dizzy ' which we featured before anyone else, see the links below.

Links 1) Kickstarter 2) Dizzy Facebook 3) Chris Wilkins  4) Fusion Retro Books (Buy the books)

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