The Evil Dead +3DGMH - Hokuto Force Halloween C64 release!

It's Halloween today and what better way to spend this creepy day than playing Hokuto Forces release for your C64 ' The Evil Dead '! First released in 1984 by Palace Software based on the horror movie of the same name released a year earlier, you play as the lead role of Ash and just like the movie must deal with a menacing evil that has been set free upon the world, in an isolated cabin deep within the dark woods.

In this game which will either drive you insane or you might actually find it the best game ever, you control a white figure as Ash in a top down view and must try to keep away from the evil dead shroud or it will really lower your energy to the point of death. The problem is you may think you are safe in your little cosy cabin, but this shroud has the ability to open all the windows get inside and possess all your friends into Zombies. Which believe me, if that happens, it's almost dealing with the impossible.

Thankfully throughout the game you'll come across weapons such as the shovel, which if used against the enemy, turns them into body parts that when all destroyed, help towards the finishing of the game. But the question remains, what do I think of it? To be honest I thought it was naff and just as Hokuto Force says, it doesn't do the movie any justice. The movie was amazing, but this game is not so. It's just tedious to play, awful to look at and when you complete the game, it starts over again. The only good thing about the game is it's been touched up by Hokuto Force, who have added a trainer, selectable ending, bug fixes, Dox, Speccy Pic Porting, a HS saver, and a damn fine cracktro!

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