Blasteroids 101% +6DGHF - Hokuto Force enhances a great C64 shooter!

Hokuto Force is at it again, as after a few days of image teasing ( Which I knew what was coming ), Hokuto Force has released a very special C64 edition of the classic shooter ' Blasteroids '! This is in fact the second official sequel to the 1979 shoot em up of Asteroids, but in my opinion the original developers took the classic game and turned into a blaster of epic proportions.

Instead of just shooting Asteroids which can give you power ups, you also have different ships you can transform into (with varying abilities), multiplayer co-op, multiple sectors and a big bad boss called Mukor! It was and still is an incredible game to play, more especially the Arcades and on the Amiga. Even though it was ported to other systems such as the Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64/128, MSX, MS-DOS PC and ZX Spectrum. What makes this game so great wasn't just the above listed features and difficulty levels, but the soundtrack is just so damn good. It's one of those tracks you can close your eyes to and remember blasting Asteroids and other enemy ships!

Amiga Version

Now thanks to Hokuto Force, they've re-released the game with *+6 Trainers, Documents, Additional GFX, NTSC Fixes, Bugfixing and a HS Saver! Is it better than the Amiga version? No way! Is it still good though? Damn right it is!

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