Sam's Journey - Knights of Bytes latest C64 game turns into a Vampire!

Nearly every day so far, I've been thinking out loud what is going on with Sam's Journey and why haven't we had any new information about this jaw dropping C64 game in development. And sure enough today my waiting has ended. As Knights of Bytes has just informed us of a new gameplay trailer with screenshots that has been released which stars Sam as a sharp toothed Vampire ready to fly about and suck your blood.

Watch as Sam explores a mysterious cave with sparkling crystals, admire the graphics and smooth frame rates as he avoids crawling and flying creatures. Be amazed as once again Sam transforms, but this time into Vampire with even more abilities, such as being able to fly about! But above all sit back and listen to that great sound track by Alex Ney

Video by Chester Kollschen & Stefan Gutsch

And to finish this off, for those of you who still haven't heard of this game - Sam will be starring in Sam's Journey, a brand-new original scrolling platform game for the Commodore 64 with huge levels to be explored, hidden items to be found and secret passages to be discovered. A game that by right, should be game of the year 2016 on a stock C64!

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