DOOM Retro v2.0.4 - The latest Doom source release packed with updates!

We've just been informed through our twitter feed that ' Doom Retro ' , which is a minimalistic designed DOOM source port by Brad Harding, has now reached version 2.0.4. Unlike that very gory Brutal Doom, with it's destroyable bodies and disgusting physics, Doom Retro tries to stay as close as possible to the original game but improving it with a number of features and updates. See change log for details.

DOOM Retro v2.0.4, a minor point release, is now available. 
  • Using a FireOldBFG code pointer in a DeHackEd lump will no longer cause the game to freeze.
  • The following improvements have been made to HacX: Twitch ’n Kill support:
  • The correct status bar is now displayed.
  • The projectiles of the nuker are no longer translucent.
  • The smoke trails have been removed from the projectiles of the photon ’zooka.
  • The “B” in John Romero’s E1M8B.WAD is now displayed when the map starts, and in the automap.
  • Dead players can now trigger actions that allow them to exit a map.
  • The total number of monsters, and the percentage killed, are now displayed for each type of monster in the output of the playerstats CCMD.
  • The position of keys when using a custom status bar has been corrected.
  • CCMDs and CVARs now appear in the correct order when pressing the TAB key in the console to autocomplete.
  • The brightmap for the SW2METAL wall texture has been fixed.
  • SLIMExx flats will no animate as liquid in EPIC2.WAD.
  • A small icon is now shown next to each warning in the console.
  • The STARTUP5 string is now displayed correctly in the console when playing Freedoom.
  • The SDL2_mixer.dll file supplied with DOOM Retro is now compiled with libmad, fixing the tempo of some MP3 lumps. Consequently, smpeg2.dll is no longer required.
  • A bug has been fixed whereby using the map CCMD would cause the game to crash in some instances.
  • The selected episode or expansion in the menu is set as necessary when using the map CCMD.
Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Twitter

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