Rainbow Walker - Atari 8bit classic gets an Atari 5200 conversion

Created in just 1.5 days by Wrathchild and noted as a conversion based on a top Atari 8-bit game, comes a new Atari 5200 port of ' Rainbow Walker ', which also appeared on the C64. First released way back in 1983, designed by Steve Coleman and published by Synapse Software. You play as a strange little creature called Cedrick, who hops on a dark and colourless rainbow as a goal to colour it and advance to the next level.

In this part of the write up I usually like to give my full thoughts about the game, however I could not set the controls correctly in Altirra and thus as soon as the game started, the character just kept on going right and jumping off. Now I'm not sure if it is my emulation that's bugged or a game issue, so it's probably best you play the game and see for yourself.

As for how to play the game according to the wiki page ; The rainbow in Rainbow Walker consists of 8 arcs, each of which contains 16 squares. If you keep hopping along an arc then the rainbow scrolls and eventually wraps around. Each level omits some parts of this grid to make it more challenging. At the start of each round the squares are gray, and moving onto them adds color.

 The game is available to download through the forums which is available HERE

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