ICS 2 - Unforgiving browser based platformer gets a sequel

Good afternoon gamers, it's another day of news articles and to begin with we have ' ICS 2 ' developed by Miroko, that you may want to try if you like difficult platformers. In this browser based game you must traverse each level to reach the exit, but unlike the typical traps and check points that most games feature, this one has an unusual game element which adds to the playability of the game.

In ICS 2 you can get burned, and burned badly, in actual fact the entire background of the game from the outside world through each underground cavern is pretty much a death trap. If you spend too long admiring the scenery your character gets hotter and hotter and is burned to a crisp. The only way to avoid being burned is to quickly get back underground or if you're really lucky reach an underground water supply to cool off. I really do like this idea in the game and it adds that special element which I hinted above, plus if you factor in the spiked traps it makes it the most difficult game we've played this week. But if difficult games are not to your liking, you can still admire the games artstyle and listen to the in game soundtrack!

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