MachiaVillian - Monster mansion management game looks for Kickstarter funding

French studio Wild Factor have just announced their Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming monster management game MachiaVillain. Although this is the studio's first project, the team are hardened industry gamedevs and MachiaVillian is the extension of a high ranking Ludum Dare entry.

MachiaVillain promises to give you the chance to manage your own Hotel Transylvania with a huge dose of quirky comedy and a graphical style that looks a proper treat.

MachiaVillain is a fun horror mansion management game for PC, Mac & Linux, inspired by every horror movie cliche ever.
Build your own manor, raise monsters, set traps, slaughter your victims, and fight monster hunters and hostile creatures. And remember, a proper villain follows the Horror Movie Rules, so kill them when they're alone, keep the virgin for last, and do not hurt the dog!

  • Building: You will be able to make your Mansion, including specific rooms such as vampire crypts, mad scientists labs, and cannibal kitchens. You will have to power your home by tapping into nearby cemeteries for their spiritual energy You will also have to lure in victims with furniture such as bookcases to attract geeks inside (Zombie minions love a tasty geek brain),... 
  • Manage your Monsters: You will staff your house through invocation to rake in some evil resumes, tame hostile creatures and get them to join your side, or just have your zombie crew infect victims. Each Monster will possess different traits and has different needs that must be tended to. They also have different fighting styles, such as long range, short range, bare handed, and of course, bare fanged as well as special powers. 
  • Fight all the things: (not so) innocent victims should be easy to fight, but Hostile Creaturesand Monster Hunters will prove more of a challenge. Combat in MachiaVillain utilizes anactive pause system that allows you to fight, observe, strategize, then bathe in blood. 
  • Crafting MachiaVillain lets you create things using ingredients gathered from victims and harvested from the environment. Put them together and you'll get something horrifying, but also useful. 

If MachiaVillian looks like something you'd like to see get made, go check out their kichstarter and vote for them on Steam:

1) Kickstarter campaign 2) Steam Greenlight 3) Studio Website


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