Hugohunt - A new C16/C64 game inspired by Atari XE German title! (UPDATE)

I think after this I'm going to take the weekend off, as it has been non stop this week with some fantastic game news from across the globe, but after today my brain feels like mush ;). But anyway, hot off the press is the new C16/C64 game ' Hugohunt ' by Angelsoft, which is inspired by an Atari XE German title from the 1980's, and unlike their previous early version announcement is officially finished.

Hugohunt is an action, maze like game that's almost like Pacman but with static enemies and puzzle like designs. As your smiley face moves around the maze, your energy slowly runs out and when you eat the green rings your energy goes up and so does your score. But sometimes you'll need to get a certain amount of rings or a key, and that can only be possible if you eat the green diamonds which enables you to eat one purple enemy per chomp to carry on. But there is a trick to this game as you can't always get everything in the maze, and eating the wrong enemy or the wrong question mark bonus, may get you stuck. It sounds completely crazy, but believe me this game is pretty decent and will make you think!

UPDATE : Genesis Project have now released the cheat/trainer version of Hugohunt, in their words " If it's too hard for ya - let us help "

Links : 1) Source & download 2) Website 3) Hugohunt +5D (Cheat!)

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