Indy Heat & Super Off Road finally appear on the Amiga CD32!

Someone hold me back as I'm just a little bit too excited right now, as AmigaJay, the same person behind the great Amiga CD32 Bubble Bobble Trilogy has just announced through our twitter feed of the release of Indy Heat and Super Off Road for the Amiga CD32! Two incredible games that I remember fondly, classed as a Leyland Corporation Double Pack, that will have you hooked for hours racing around tracks in an Indy Car or bumping into your mates in a 4X4 as you boost towards the finish line at any cost!

According to Amiga Jay, the Amiga conversions were incredibly close to the arcade versions at the time, and him and his son loved playing them on emulators, and actually prefer the Amiga version over the original simply for the pit crew sounds. So this double bill is not only for him, but all of the fans of these two games as well being playable on an Amiga CD32.

Both games have great simultaneous 2-player modes which have been tested with CD32 and Megadrive pads too. The download contains the game ISO, Cover Art and Read Me (which tell you everything you need to know about controls and credits.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Twitter

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