WinAPE 2.0 Beta 2 - Amstrad emulator for windows gets an update

Just recently after a long four year break, Richard Wilson released the Amstrad CPC emulator of ' WinAPE 2.0 Beta 1 ' for Windows based systems. Although you can also use the excellent 'JavaCPC' with a lovely OS frontend, you can also try this straight up launcher with no fancy backdrops emulator which has had a recent big fix update ' WinAPE 2.0 Beta 2 '. As a test of the emulator I'd highly recommend playing the R-Type 128K Remake, which is a fantastic overhaul of the rather poor Amstrad CPC original.


Correct Z80 Flags emulation for IN and OUT and all derivatives.
Added support for CRTC Type 1 register 6 border blanking when set to zero.


Changed breakpoint conditions to use 32 bit values rather than 16 bit values.
Added a number of functions to breakpoint conditions to support 32 bit to 16/8 bit conversion.
Added true and false variables.


Added ability to load symbols from the WinAPE command line using the /SYM:filename parameter.
Option to automatically hide the output window on successful assemble.


Added documentation of command line parameters in help files.
Added documentation of new breakpoint condition variables and functions.
Updates ParaDOS 1.2 and ParaDOS 1.2+ ROM images to bug-fixed version which will work in slots below 7.

Links : 1) Source 2) R-Type 128K

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