Drugs +5HFTD - Frustrating C64 shoot em up, PAL/NTSC fixed by Laxity

Another day another C64 release, and this comes directly from Laxity's cool stash of games with the latest PAL/NTSC fix of ' Drugs +5HFTD '. A rather unheard of shoot em up from way back in 1989, you must blast waves of enemies through 13 levels that come at you from both sides while also avoiding smashing your spaceship into the space based landscape. And why are you doing this you may ask? To defend the Earth from the Aliens who are flooding the Earth with powerful drugs to enslave the Human race of course!

Now of all the shoot em ups I've played, this one made me rage quit very quickly, as without the fixes and cheats by Laxity, I died many many times without getting very far at all. The game is unforgiving, as you not only have to deal with all the enemy ships coming at you from all directions, but must also deal with the landscape objects that will blow you up with one touch.

This is made more difficult because if you don't follow the arrows, you can end up trapped. Don't get me wrong it is not as if it is a bad game and should never be talked about, I just don't have the patience for it, and yes I've played some very difficult games in my time. So my challenge to you is this, can you complete all the levels and what is the highest score you can reach?

Links : 1) Source 2) Download ( Docs+Story )

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