The Unofficial Amiga CD32 Release - Vertical S.E.U Collection!

Amiga CD32 owners have we got a very special announcement for you, as Amiga Jay has released 'The Unofficial Amiga CD32 Release - Vertical S.E.U Collection', which is so full of action your CD32 controller has probably never seen so much button mashing. A packed out CD full of awesomeness, with amazing games such as Battle Squadron, Hybris, Lethal Xcess, Swiv, Wings Of, Death, Banshee, Mega Typhoon, Gemini Wing, Frenetic ,Dragon Spirit and a Bonus Unreleased -Raiden Demo! That's 11 shoot em ups with multiple enemy types and waves, power ups, explosions and damn tunes in some of the greatest shooters ever released on the Amiga.

If that pack of brilliance wasn't good enough for you, Amiga Jay has also enhanced the controls with some titles using most of the CD32 buttons thanks to some great whdload slaves, in conjunction with CD32Load for a great CD32 disc! What a fantastic Tuesday with many hours worth of fun and it's seriously pushing me to buy a real Amiga CD32! - Thanks Earok for the heads up...

Original Slaves written by;
Battle Squadron - Dark Angel & Psygore  /  Hybris - Harry & JOTD & Psygore
Lethal Xcess - Mr.Larmer  /  Swiv - Mr.Larmer & Harry & Psygore
Wings Of Death - StingRay  /  Banshee - Uses original CD32 loader.
Mega Typhoon - JOTD  / Gemini Wing - Mr.Larmer
Frenetic - Codetapper  / Dragon Spirit - CFOU! (Colour enhanced by Earok)
Raiden Demo - Earok for reworking the original ADF.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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