Andromeda: There is no God up here - 8-bit style "metroidvania" game launches kickstarter campaign

Millions of years in the future, when the Earth has become uninhabitable, and the rest of the milky way has become a war zone, what else is there to do but explore the next galaxy along. However when a group of scientists go missing on an exploration mission, it's Max Weaver's job to go find them in 'Andromeda : There is no God up here'.

Andromeda touts itself as being an openworld (galaxy) Metroidvania style game with a very distinct pixel-art style that mashes up run'n'gun (n'jetpack) gameplay with a bullet hell 'shmup. Created as a love letter to the classic Metroid and Castlevania games as the creators believe the genre has lost its way in recent years. They have given themselves the bold goal of creating one of the best Metroidvania games ever.

The demo shows off some intriguing game elements, including the DNA gun, which allows you to combine different DNA together from drops to create different gun types with differing effects such as creating ice in water to stand on.

If the screenshots above aren't enough to tempt you, check out the playable demo at the below link and if it seems to be up your street, then send a few pennies into the campaign fund. (which as per usual has a plethora of perk levels including physical copies and arcade cabinets!)

Links: 1) Kickstarter campaign 2) Project homepage and demo download

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