Amstrad CPC V's GX4000 - Full Retro Comparison Guide from Novabug!

Only 26 official cartridge games were produced for the Amstrad GX4000 console, and even 1 of those is debatable in its very existence. It's often common to hear the criticism that the games were simply shovel-ware taken from the CPC, but this is a half truth. Only 15 games were tape/disk ports, and not all of these were identical as some would have you believe. In this series of 5 parts, I take a side by side look at these titles, and discover the differences, the similarities and show it all on screen to see for yourself. The GX4000 did have poor support, deisgn mistakes and some lazy porting, but here I set out to prove it's not all doom and gloom for the infamous British console flop.

In Part 1 I look at the most common game available for the system. Batman the Movie, Barbarian 2: The Dungeon of Drax and Operation Thunderbolt.

In Part 2 I look at the popular ported-everywhere puzzler Klax, the magical Mystical and the rare but excellent Super Pinball Magic.

Part 3 looks at the fighting games on the systems, two rubbish and one great. No Exit, Panza Kick Boxing and Wild Streets.

In Part 4 we look at 2 racing sequels; Crazy Cars 2, Fire & Forget 2 and one of the two tennis games on the systems, Pro Tennis Tour.

In the final part, I examine the excellent adventure Switchblade, alongside comic capers with Tin Tin on the Moon and Dick Tracy.

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