Hunter CD32 - 25th Anniversary Edition - Action/Adventure classic from 1991 is now fully playable on the Amiga CD32!

As I finish up for the big move, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention Amiga Jay's latest release for the Amiga CD32. This is none other than the classic game 'Hunter'; an action-adventure game from 1991 by Activision that by today's standards would be classed as a Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto and a Far Cry mix. Expansive, open worlds, a military theme, and the focus on small squads of soldiers or lone heroes. A high grade 3D game with sandbox-type game play, developed by Paul Holmes and music by Martin Walker.

As someone who has played this fine game when I was a teenager, I never actually read how to play it nor really cared. All I cared for was finding the best vehicle and using it to speed around the islands. Which hasn't really changed even with modern games! But on the topic of this one, my favorite vehicle was the car for speeding over hills and humps and then crashing the car into the sea. I had more enjoyment out of it than many other games that were action-adventures!

So what additions or enhancements were put into this Amiga Cd32 version? Well according to Amiga Jay " the Amiga CD32 hunter controls have been fully mapped " or as he puts it on the website " And to get Hunter playable the controls had to be mapped to the CD32 pad which only CD32Load allowed, thanks to JOTD and Earok this is now fully possible using the 'filecache' option to fix the gfx problems i had before "

And so there you have it, one of the best games I've ever played is now available on the Amiga CD32! But before you download, do make sure to read the extra information on the main website.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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