The Dark - Unique ZX Spectrum shooter gets an improved re-release

If you're thinking this is going to be just another ZX Spectrum platformer, you'd be oh so wrong. Especially as ' The Dark ' by Oleg Origin, is a rather unique ZX Spectrum first person shooter, that has similarities to the retro PC game of Quake. First released in 1997, you play as the warrior Alexander and are on a personal quest to return to your native land, to free his country from an evil dark force, that had cross the border of the land of winds. In a game that has now been re-released as an improved version, you will come across many strange beasts that must be killed with a sharp stab or a bullet from a gun!

Now I've never played this game, but from what people have said for the original from 1997 it was pretty awful, it looked as such as well. But now thanks to the same creator, the game has been given an improvement that makes it that much more enjoyable, and much nicer to look at.

If you've ever played other first person shooters, then you know what to expect with this one. Move around 360, gun in frontal view, nasty creatures coming at you that need to be killed, and a health and amour that must be kept above 00. Oh and something else, this game also has a full intro ZX voice ( it sounds odd ), and an in game map system... Huzzah!

Links : 1) Source 2) Website & Download

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