A Doukutsu Demake - Cave Story de-made on the Pico-8 and it's good!

In 2004 we had the pleasure of playing the rather enjoyable Dōkutsu Monogatari also known as Cave Story for the PC. A 2D platform adventure, developed over 5 years by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, featured action, a compelling story and gameplay, in which you play as a little guy in a cave on a quest to defeat the evil Doctor, who has world domination on his mind. It was a great and fun game that had multiple ports and even later had an enhanced version. So you'll be pleased to know that a fan developer by the name of howlermiller has done a Doukutsu Demake for the Pico-8, which is also playable in your browser!

The team behind the game (two brothers), are huge Cave Story fans and have said building a demake was kind of a childhood dream come true. Not just that but they were rather impressed at just how much can be done with the limitations of the Pico-8, something we too have come across in our write ups. As for the game, we are unsure as to how complete it is, but many have said it's very accurate to Cave Story in both gameplay, graphics and sound, so well worth a play!

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