Transball - Difficulty increased in this Thrust like MSX game

When I was growing up, one of the best Amstrad games I ever played with my dad, was the 1986 Firebird release of ' Thrust '. It involved the controlling of a ship using vectored thrust that had to pick up orbs with a tractor beam, blasting power plants, avoiding the landscape while doing so, and then flying off into space. It was a fantastic retro game indeed, so you'll have forgive me if I got a little bit excited over Santiago Ontañón Villar's new MSX game 'Transball' which is very much like Thrust and released just recently!

In this game just as in Thrust you control a ship that must drag an energy sphere out to space without touching the sides or getting blown to pieces by the destructive firepower from the defences situated in the cave like systems. These spheres are the only thing that can save your home planet as the sun as died off, and these are your only energy sources to survive for a whole decade. It wont be easy though, as an opportunist civilisation has stolen all the charged spheres from your home planet, preparing for a future invasion!

But be warned this may be a Thrust like game but it's incredibly difficult, almost frustratingly so as not only do you have to find your way out avoiding some rather deadly obstacles, but the ship momentum in this game is extreme. One hard thrust and you'll be crashing into the landscape in no time at all. Still, it's a rather nice game with a level password included and does bring back some childhood memories!

- Please note the vibrant colours are different in my screenshots compared to the game page, as I was using the emulator BlueMSX.

Links : 1) Source+Downloads 2) Play Online * Press Space at the Presents Screen *

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