Heroes Rescue! - Defecto Digital's next Amstrad CPC game has The Simpsons!

Only just recently we spoke about Defecto Digital's latest Amstrad CPC game ' Heroes Rescue! '. Which is being developed using AGD and star'd the famous character FRY from Futurama. In this upcoming platforming game, you apparently needed to rescue the legendary Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and their master Splinter! Also we did note the change in the graphics and that we preferred the original design, and thus appearing in a new update it has even better graphics and much more!

In the original update I thought the game only had you as Fry and you only had to rescue the Turtles and Splinter. However it seems as if far more characters are coming, as there will be 5 levels of Marvel, 5 levels with The Simpsons and 5 levels from Futurama. So expect to still be playing as Fry but avoiding enemies from famous TV shows, while rescuing legendary characters such as Bart, Lisa, Bender and many more to make this a rather interesting looking game indeed. I personally can't wait, and with the latest look of the game it's looking much improved from only just last month!

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